Why Choose the UFO Forex Strategy?

Because it simply works...

The UFO Forex strategy is bound to greatly improve your overall trading experience. It was designed with one thing in mind, simplicity. Simplicity is the key to successful forex trading to help ward off unwanted stress and confusion.
UFO Forex Strategy

Features Include

Here are the features that the UFO Forex Strategy includes.

  • Self Paced - asynchronus learning. You can study whenever you want at whatever pace works best with you. It doesn't matter what your educational level is, if you are teachable, you can learn to trade.

  • Alerts System - Includes a notification alerts system directly connected to the MT4 app on your phone so you can receive profitable trade alerts no matter where you are or what you are doing. This feature is available to ALL DeepSpaceForex Systems.

  • A proven strategy that is easy to follow and repeat over and over again. You can either scalp the market for quick profits, or swing trade the market and make a wheelbarrow of pips! 

  • Paying Members will receive the "$100 to $1000 in 20 Trading Days Model" FREE when they join any of the trading systems! ($29.99 value)

  • It's AFFORDABLE. Most other trading systems you find across the net will cost hundreds upwards to THOUSANDS of dollars. The UFO Forex Strategy is a ONE TIME payment of $100. NO monthly fees. Ever. It has been reasonably priced for the average forex trader. And always will be. (See FAQ below)

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting Started

    • START HERE: UFO Forex Strategy v3.0 Template #1 (Feb. 2021)

    • UFO Forex Strategy TEMPLATE #2 (Murray's Math Price Action Strategy) (2-16-2020)

    • The BUY/SELL Strategy Checklists




    • Part 4- ZIP File Contents (Overview)

    • Part 5- Loading Chart Indicators + Indicators Explained

  • 2

    Strategy Preparation

    • Part 1 - Proper Trading Times

    • Part 2 - Avoid Trading News Events***

    • BONUS: Avoid Trading Bank Holidays***

  • 3

    The Strategy- Trade Entry Rules

    • Part 4- Understanding Trade Arrow Alerts

    • Part 5- UFO ArrZZX2 Indicator Explained

    • Part 6- Trade Entries Explained (The Cheat Code)

    • Part 7 - Trade Exits Explained (The Cheat Code)

  • 4

    Rewards System: Money/Risk Management

    • What type of Trader will you Be? Scalper or Swing Trader?

    • $100 to $1000 in 20 Days Trading Model

    • Closing Statement

Bonus material

Includes additional bonus content when you become a member.

  • Self-Paced and Asynchronous Learning

    You can study whenever you want at whatever pace works best for you. However, it is recommend to interact with myself and other members. It doesn't matter what your educational level is, if you're teachable, you can learn how to trade!

  • The Alerts System

    One of the most powerful features about this system is the notifications alert system. This means that wherever you are, whether you're sleeping or out and about away from the charts, you will be notified of potential trade opportunities on your phone via the mt4 app!

  • Reward System For All Members

    The UFO Forex Strategy includes different methods that caters to different breeds of traders. Whether you are a scalper or a swing trader. The Rewards System is designed to provide a strict compounding plan wherein you as the trader will have a blueprint of going from $100.00 up to $1,000 within their first 20 days of trading.​


  • "How long did it take for the development of this trading systems?"

    The total time of development for this system is 4 years. Back then in 2016, it was called "Sleepy Forex" which has since then been renamed to "DeepSpaceForex". The "UFO Forex Trading System" was then created as a rendition of it's older counterpart.

  • "Does the system repaint?"

    The complete system has more than eight indicators to read the market and understand what’s going on with less than 1 minute of analysis time for the typical traders. Out of the 8, only 1 repaints because it plays a significant role in giving advanced warning of a trend change. It is called a “predictive” indicator. As with all predictions, they are normally never exact, but quite useful in shedding light on changes that will occur soon. We use several other indicators for conformation of entry points. They are known as “reactive” indicators. So, when using “predictive” and “reactive” indicators in combination, you end up with a highly predictable and effective trading system when used in accordance with the simple trading rules.

  • "What is the cost?"

    The UFO Forex Trading System is only a ONE TIME cost of $100. That is it. It has been made to be very affordable for the average Forex Trader. We do not charge thousands or even hundreds for our Trading systems. There are NO MONTHLY FEES and NO random hidden fees in the future. The price covers your lifetime membership. That means that any and all updates in the future for any of the Forex Systems are completely free to all members. Forever. No more spending hundreds or even thousands on a trading system!

  • "What is the trading style like? Scalping or swing trading?"

    Upon completing the course, students are given the choice to trade this strategy using a scalping approach or swing trading approach. Both have their pros and cons. While scalping is more riskier due to higher lot sizes and smaller targets, profits are reaped more quickly in small increments and can also be compounded. On the other hand, swing trading is less risky but trades are held for much longer as to "ride trends" - which helps foster a much better R:R: The foundation for this is proper "position sizing". The #1 rule we follow is to trade using a R:R of at least 1:1.5 (preferably 1:2) to maximize gains and cover any losses many times over. Or you can be what I refer to as an "Adaptative Trader"- a trader who swing trades when the market is more liquid and scalps when the market is more range-bound; which can vary on a daily/weekly basis. All students are advised to trade this strategy in DEMO mode for at least 30-60 days before going live.

  • "What broker should I use?"

    Although there are 2 brokers I personally recommend, you are 100% free to use whichever broker you like. However, I strongly recommend using a NON-DEALING DESK, ECN based broker if you can help it. More info on that here: https://rb.gy/mruwf9

  • "What all is included?"

    Here’s What You Get When You Join Today: | Access to my members only training and download center. | Free lifetime updates, private tutorials and more. | 7 day access to the mentor via facebook chat and email. | Continuous private uploads on Youtube every week of online/offline training with myself {will be recorded as well} | My personalized compound plan to help you get from $100 to $1000 in 20 trading days. (If it wasn't possible I wouldn't be sharing it...!) | Lifetime access to each trading system you paid for, including all future updates.  | Everything you will need to learn in order to start being profitable in the FOREX markets.

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